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Device Safety 101 - a detective's guide to device safety


Concerned about your child's online safety? 

Our comprehensive online course equips parents with the knowledge and guidance to help you teach and empower your children on how to stay safe online. 

What you'll get:

✔️ Exactly what risks your kids are facing online and how online groomers target kids

✔️ Which children are most at risk of online abuse

✔️ Warning signs and red flags of online child abuse and exploitation to watch out for

✔️ Talking topics and advice on how to talk to your kids about online stranger danger, online gaming & social media safety

✔️ Step by step advice on how to safe-guard your child’s devices

✔️ How to create an easier and family friendly way for device management and usage

✔️ 5 conversations to have before you give your child a phone

✔️ AND so much more. 

Give your children the freedom to explore the internet with confidence whilst teaching them essential life skills to stay secure online. 

Enrol NOW to get 12 months access to EXCLUSIVE information and content direct from law enforcement and cyber safety experts, that will not only educate but empower you and your whole family!