If your audience is looking for a professional, compelling and thought provoking speaker, look no further .

Kristi’s workshops and keynote presentations will leave your audience feeling motivated, informed and inspired to take action and protect those most vulnerable in our communities - our kids!

Kristi McVee is a retired Detective Senior Constable with 10 years experience investigating child sexual abuse cases, along with 9 years as a Specialist Child Interviewer, interviewing vulnerable children and supporting families through the pain and devastation of child sexual abuse and online grooming. 

In 2020, Kristi retired from the police with the specific purpose of turning her experiences in investigating and interviewing children into a tool to help parents and caregivers. 

In 2022, Kristi released her first book, ‘Operation KidSafe - a detectives guide to child abuse prevention’ where she imparts all her knowledge on how to prevent child sexual abuse both in person and online.

Her mission is to spread awareness to parents and the community on ways to prevent child sexual abuse. She shares her knowledge via online webinars, keynote presentations, online courses and in-person events. 

Kristi’s time in the Police gave her a dynamic perspective on a tough subject, which she now uses to educate and empower, leaving you with hope and practical tools to protect your kids. 

Kristi shares parts of her story from being kicked out of home at age 15, to joining the police at the age of 28, all whilst caring for her then 2 year old daughter. She shares how becoming a specialist child interviewer when her daughter was 3 years old changed her career trajectory and why she was driven to becoming a detective within 4 years of joining the Police. 

During her presentations, Kristi shares stories from the frontline imparting her experience and knowledge around the the impacts of child sexual abuse and online child exploitation on children and their families and how she wishes that parents ‘knew what she knew’ in order to protect their children from abuse. 

Kristi provides strategies in which she knows and has seen work in the prevention and early detection of child sexual abuse, along with sharing her reasons for retiring from the Police after 10 years when she was diagnosed with PTSD . Kristi’s keynotes will leave participants with a greater awareness of the truth about child sexual abuse and with a hightened sense of responsibility, along with a better ability to protect the children in their lives.