Hey Parents, 


I'm Kristi, an ex-child abuse detective and I’m here to help make your job as a parent EASIER when it comes to online safety for your kids.

Are you the parent of a mini me or two and struggling to work out the best way to protect your kids whilst they play and learn online? Are you completely OVERWHELMED with ALL the information being thrown at you?

YES, I need this course!

Keeping our kids safe online isn’t as hard as you might think.


As the mum of a teenager, as well as being an ex-police officer and child abuse detective, I know just how overwhelming keeping up with the risks of online safety are for parents in this busy world. I also know that good communication and some useful tools in your parenting tool belt, will make all the difference when it comes to our kids and online safety!

Are you: 

  • Overwhelmed with all the information and STUFF out there about online safety?
  • Struggling with how and what to talk to your kids about when tackling tricky topics like online grooming, stranger danger and what to watch out for whilst online?
  • Wishing you knew exactly what experts want you to know without diving through all the other stuff online?

The internet is like a pool...


In order to keep your kids safe in the online pool (so to speak), you need to: 1) put up a fence so they can't accidentally get in, 2) teach them 'how to swim' online so they know how to keep their heads above water and stay afloat online and; 3) supervise them so that you can be there 'just in case' anything happens.


In this course, you get everything I know about device safety from my time in the Police and as an online safety educator, all-in-one course, so you can learn at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.

In Device Safety 101 parents will learn:


☑️ Exactly what risks your kids are facing online and how online groomers target kids

☑️ Which children are most at risk of online abuse

☑️ Warning signs and red flags of online child abuse and exploitation to watch out for

☑️ Talking topics and advice on how to talk to your kids about online stranger danger, online gaming & social media safety

☑️ Step by step advice on how to safe-guard your child’s devices

☑️ How to create an easier and family friendly way for device management and usage

☑️ 5 conversations to have before you give your child a phone

☑️ AND so much more. 


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What's inside the Device Safety 101 course?


Along with instructional videos outlining the importance of these topics, there are also printable resources and checklists to help parents and carers navigate through the course and to help them implement the lessons throughout.


What can parents expect to find in the course?

The course modules are jam packed full of information and ideas and are designed to take at your own pace. 
Module 1: 
  • What to expect in Device Safety 101
  • What is online child exploitation and the different types of online child abuse?
  • How the online grooming process works?
  • How do predators find kids and what makes them vulnerable to online grooming?
  • Helping your kids identify predators online
  • Potential warning signs of abuse to watch out for
Module 2
Family Device Usage Agreements
  • What is a family device usage agreement?
  • Why they work ?
  • Resources to help you create one with your family
Module 3
Stranger Danger, Online Gaming and Social Media
  • What is the Online Disinhibition Effect and how it effects our kids?
  • What to discuss when talking about online stranger danger
  • Helping your kids identify ‘suss’ people online
  • Thinks to talk about and watch out for if your kids are Online Gaming
  • Appropriate friendships online
  • Ways to stay safe when posting online 
  • How to stay connected to your kids
Module 4
Supervision, Restrictions and areas of use
  • Supervision vs Oversight
  • How to set up screen time limits and app restrictions
  • Apple and Android 
  • Best places for charging of phones overnight
  • Screen time addiction and tech tantrums
Module 5
Online Resilience & Safety
  • What you and your child need to know about online predators
  • Cyberbullying and how to help your child
  • What not to do as a parent
  • The biggest issue for building trust with our kids
  • My tips for keeping them safe 
  • What to do if… 
Module 6
5 conversations you need to have before you give your child a phone
  • The 5 conversations you need to have before you give your child a phone (for the first time) 
  • Why these conversations are important
  • Book resources 
  • Where to go next for further help

The first 100 customers to purchase this course will ALSO get the bonus module…

How to have difficult conversations with your kids
  • Why we should be the ones to have these types of conversation with our kids
  • Where we should have these types of conversations
  • How you can start talking about certain subjects
  • One-Step removed and why it’s helpful in talking about this stuff
  • More resources and helpful links to arm you with everything you need to keep your kids safe online!

Once you’ve completed this course, I have no doubt that you’ll become your child’s online safety guru! 

 Let me assure you that you can have…


☑️ Stress-free discussions around online safety

☑️ Tools and resources to guide you and your family

☑️ Confidence in how to keep your family safe online whilst also creating good habits and resilience


By the end of this course, you are going to feel confident in your abilities to teach your own children HOW to use the internet safely, whilst creating good habits and resilience, and a greater understanding on ways to minimise and reduce the risk of harm to your children and family!


It is not a case of 'IF' a stranger will try to groom your child online, but 'WHEN' and it's our job as parents to ensure our kids are equipped to know what to do! 

In this 'all-in-one course', you can learn all you need to know about device and online safety without leaving your home!

Our kids need us to know and teach them how to swim safely on the wide world web and you my friend are the right person for the job! 

What clients say...

"The information and resources being delivered by a former frontline worker were so informative and valuable."

- Kristine

"Well delivered. Contained enough fear to listen and take action and not so much to make one bury their head in the sand."

- Wayne

"It was structured, very informative and also provided information and ideas on how to use this knowledge to keep kids safe online."

- Neralie

"I enjoyed the balance of statistical facts from reliable authorised sources and information about ways to reduce likelihood of our Children being targeted by online groomers."

- Amanda

"Was very informative and a real eye opener."

- Jeanette

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Device Safety 101




Who is Kristi?


Kristi spent 10 years in the police force as a specialist child interviewer and a detective senior constable. When she retired from the force, Kristi believed there was a better way to help.

By taking a proactive, preventative focused approach, rather than a reactive approach, she could help prevent child abuse in the first instance and hopefully break the cycle of trauma, that victims are so often subjected to.

In addition to her experience in the force, Kristi has appeared on TV and was an Online Safety Specialist. During this role, she presented to schools’ students from years 3-12 about staying safe online. She has also presented to many parents and teachers during this time.

More than just a presenter, Kristi is a facilitator - driving the message and bringing experts together. She is passionate about keeping kids safe and isn’t afraid to keep it real and authentic.

Kristi wrote and released the book, 'Operation KidSafe - a detective's guide to child abuse prevention' in August 2022, in which she outlined and shared her extensive knowledge and advice on child sexual abuse. The book includes advice on how to identify red flags, warning signs and potential unsafe situations for families and children. Kristi also emphasises the importance of comprehensive body safety education and how to teach it to your children.

Kristi's belief is that the only way to stop child abuse from occurring is if we stop ignoring it, raise awareness and educate. We need to see it, hear it and get the message out in every way.

This is why CAPE-AU was founded. To provide an educational service for parents, caregivers and organisations around child protection and abuse prevention.

Kristi lives and breathes child abuse prevention. When she's not talking about it she spends time with her FIFO husband, fur-babies and 15yo daughter.

Kristi is a country kid at heart growing up in the Pilbara, but is now located in the South West of Western Australia. She loves reading, going for beach swims and dolphin spotting.