In this 1 hour tutorial, I am going to teach you how to manage your child’s devices so you can set up parental controls, manage settings, block inappropriate content and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!


Are you wanting help with managing your child's device to keep them safe?
Wanting help to block and restrict them from accidentally (or on purpose) seeing inappropriate content? 

Wanting peace of mind when they are using their device so you don't have to look over their shoulders?
In this 1hr interactive tutorial, I will walk you through each phone and device setting step-by-step, to enable you more control and peace of mind over their online safety.
All you need to do is bring your child’s device, watch the tutorial and follow along. 
This is also the perfect tutorial for any parents thinking of getting your child their first mobile phone or device for Christmas!



Who is Kristi?


Kristi spent 10 years in the police force as a specialist child interviewer and a detective senior constable. When she retired from the force, Kristi believed there was a better way to help.

By taking a proactive, preventative focused approach, rather than a reactive approach, she could help prevent child abuse in the first instance and hopefully break the cycle of trauma, that victims are so often subjected to.

In addition to her experience in the force, Kristi has appeared on TV and was an Online Safety Specialist. During this role, she presented to schools’ students from years 3-12 about staying safe online. She has also presented to many parents and teachers during this time.

More than just a presenter, Kristi is a facilitator - driving the message and bringing experts together. She is passionate about keeping kids safe and isn’t afraid to keep it real and authentic.

Kristi wrote and released the book, 'Operation KidSafe - a detective's guide to child abuse prevention' in August 2022, in which she outlined and shared her extensive knowledge and advice on child sexual abuse. The book includes advice on how to identify red flags, warning signs and potential unsafe situations for families and children. Kristi also emphasises the importance of comprehensive body safety education and how to teach it to your children.

Kristi's belief is that the only way to stop child abuse from occurring is if we stop ignoring it, raise awareness and educate. We need to see it, hear it and get the message out in every way.

This is why CAPE-AU was founded. To provide an educational service for parents, caregivers and organisations around child protection and abuse prevention.

Kristi lives and breathes child abuse prevention. When she's not talking about it she spends time with her FIFO husband, fur-babies and 15yo daughter.

Kristi is a country kid at heart growing up in the Pilbara, but is now located in the South West of Western Australia. She loves reading, going for beach swims and dolphin spotting.