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Episode 5 The realities of grooming and its effects on survivors

Season #1

Trigger Warning - Child sexual abuse and discussions around grooming behaviours

In this episode, Kristi interviews Ruby Mikolaitis, a child abuse survivor and advocate, who talks about the effects of child sexual abuse, grooming and its ongoing effects in adulthood. 

Ruby is the podcast host of The Cocoon Podcast (a podcast produced from The Blue Butterfly Institute) and a recent university graduate. 

This real and raw interview will give you an insight into the effects that grooming has on our children and why it's so important to understand what it is, how it works so that we can prevent it. 

Please check out Kristi's interview on the The Cocoon Podcast  here: 

To find out more about the Blue Butterfly Institute check out the website here:

For more information about the grooming process, red flags and warning signs of abuse, check out Kristi's book - Operation KidSafe - a detective's guide to child abuse prevention here: 

If any of this episode was triggering, please take care of your mental health and contact your health care provider or: