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Episode 6 Deep diving into the Child Care abuse case and why he got away with it for so long

Season #1

Content warning - this episode contains discussions about child sexual abuse and grooming behaviours which may be triggering for some people.

Listener discretion is advised. Please consider your own mental health and wellbeing before listening. 

In this episode, Kristi takes a deep dive into the horrific childcare abuse case from last week in which 91 children were abused with 1623 child sexual abuse charges being laid against a male child care worker.

Kristi also reads a direct post from one of the parents about how this man tricked and abused her child. 

This is a tough topic and conversation but a much needed one! The length of time this man was able to abuse children was due to his manipulative and cunning methods and the grooming of the adults and parents around him. 

Kristi goes into how this occurs, the behaviours and red flags displayed and how what we can do if we are feeling scared or fearful about sending our young child to daycare. 

If you are triggered at all by the contents of this podcast, please seek assistance and help or contact one of the following: