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Episode 8 The effects of child abuse on the body

Season #1

Episode 8 - The effects of child abuse on the body with Genevieve Jones

CONTENT WARNING - discussions of child sexual abuse, torture, domestic violence and abuse

Genevieve Jones is a child abuse survivor, advocate, protective behaviours practitioner as well having a bachelor's degree in social science. 

Genevieve's story of torture and child sexual abuse is way more than what was disclosed in this episode, however, her story of understanding her trauma and the way it is shown in the body is one for everyone to listen to and understand. 

Trauma has an interesting way of presenting and persisting in the body and it takes time and work to heal. If you or a loved one has trauma, this episode will help you understand your body and reactions a little better. 

If you find any of the episode triggering or upsetting, please seek professional support or help or contact one of the services below: 

For more help and information on child sexual abuse or to get a copy of Kristi's book Operation KidSafe - a detective's guide to child abuse prevention, please check out the website