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Episode 9 Talking the talk of healthy sexuality and relationships

Season #1

CONTENT WARNING - this episode is intended for adult listeners only. Please don't listen with children in the car or where little ears can hear. 

In this episode, Kristi discusses healthy sexuality education with sexuality expert and author, Vanessa Hamilton from Talking the Talk. 

This episode is a deep dive conversation into what parents need to know in regards to discussing sex and sexuality with their children in their own homes and why leaving sexuality education up to schools and pornography is NOT the way to happy and healthy teenagers. 

Vanessa explains how to have these conversations with your children from early childhood up to teen and poses some great thought provoking questions and information about our perceptions around sexuality education and how good, comprehensive sexuality education can prevent child sexual abuse. 

This is a MUST listen for parents of children at any age or stage of development. 

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As always, thanks for listening!