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Episode 10 Team Together Online with Sandrine Lexi

Season #1

Episode 10 - Talking safe online exploration and working as a team together online with Sandrine Lexi. 

In this episode, Kristi talks with creator Sandrine Lexi about her card game 'All the Likes' targeted at children aged 6-10 years of age. 

Sandrine is the mother of 3 young humans and after seeing a tragic story of a young persons online abuse and subsequent suicide, decided there was a need for integrating online safety conversations in a safe and fun way, before they get online or before there is potential online abuse. 

Sandrine talks about how her game can help parents, teachers and educators introduce discussions around online safety to encourage early intervention and how by using the game, you can encourage safe exploration and discussions. 

For a short discussion, there is lots to be learnt from this episode to help parents with their kids. 

Sandrine has also offered listeners a 20% discount until 7pm 7th November 2023.

Use the code KRISTI20 on the website before check out to redeem this discount. 

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