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Episode 11 - The power of persistence - a survivors story with Imogen Lee

Season #1

CONTENT WARNING - Child Sexual Abuse and Grooming

In this episode, Kristi talks with child sexual abuse survivor and advocate Imogen Lee about facing her abuser in court after years of grooming, being unheard and the power of persistence. 

Imogen attempted to report her abuse at age 12, 16, 21 and finally at age 28, was able to seek justice. Imogen's story shares her struggles as a child, her process from young child to grown adult reporting her abuse and how she was let down more than once by the systems in place along with the grooming and enabling done by the abuser and parent.

Imogen's ongoing persistence is attributed to her strength and character, however, her story is not uncommon. 

Check out the news article of her court case discussed in the podcast here: 

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