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Episode 13 - The battle to protect your kids online with Sergio Zaragoza

Season #1

Content Warning - Discussions about Child Sexual Abuse, Online Child Exploitation and Child Sexual Abuse Material 

Episode 13 - The battle to protect your kids online with Sergio Zaragoza 

In this episode, Kristi interviews Sergio Zaragoza, an advocate and online child exploitation educator living in Spain.

Sergio worked as an investigator and moderator for big tech companies YouTube and Google among other social media companies where he was exposed to Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) for over 5 years, classifying content. 

Sergio offers his experiences to listeners as someone who saw 1000s of videos and images of child sexual abuse material and observed grooming and sextortion via the platforms he was moderating/classifying and the surge in Computer Generated CSAM (AI). 

There is a battle going on between law enforcement, child safety and online safety advocates and educators, parents, big tech companies and legislators in this space and during this conversation, Kristi & Sergio discuss the loop holes and what parents need to know in this fight to keep our kids safe. 

This is a real conversation about the truth of child sexual abuse material, sextortion, self-generated child sexual abuse and computer generated CSAM. 

You can connect with Sergio on LinkedIn here: 

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