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Episode 20 Navigating Social Media as parents with Maddie Graham

Season #1

Episode 20 Navigating social media as parents with Maddie Graham

In this episode Kristi speaks with Maddie Graham, co-founder of Changing the Conversation where they talk about Maddie's unique experiences with social media, stalkers, oversharing information and the effects of social media on young people. 

Maddie is a third-year psychology student at the University of Wollongong and also runs Changing the Conversation. Her heart is deeply invested in community development, encompassing school workshops, community engagement, and teaching social and emotional skills. Her mission is to create spaces where authentic conversations flourish, utilising her expertise in human behaviour and social dynamics to make positive impact. 

Maddie and Kristi dive into the risks with 'sharenting' and the need for more social media education and awareness. 

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