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S2 Ep 4 Exposing my son's childcare abuser with Remi Fletcher

Season #2

In this episode, Kristi speaks with mum Remi Fletcher about exposing her 4yo son's childcare abuser after he sexually abused him at daycare.  

Remi shares how protective behaviours led to her son disclosing the abuse, the actions she took after her son's disclosure and how she captured his evidence which eventually led to his abusers conviction and imprisonment. 

This is a really good podcast for parents of young children wanting to know how we can protect kids from abuse and minimise harm. 

For resources mentioned in the podcast, check out Safe4Kids via or my book Operation KidSafe via

To support the petition Remi mentioned during the podcast, please go to before the end of May 2024. Every signature counts. 

Please also consider leaving a review or sharing this podcast with your friends and family to help create further awareness. 

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