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The toughest job in Policing

If you love true crime and hearing stories about policing than you need to check out the 'I catch killers' podcast. 

I had the pleasure of being interviewed for the podcast with ex-NSW Detective Inspector Gary Jubelin last week. 

During the interview, I got to share my experiences in policing, as a child abuse detective and specialist child interviewer, where I shared multiple stories from my time as a general duties police officer and the many victims'/survivors that I had the honour of assisting through their statements, interviews and investigations. 

In the 2 part podcast, I went on to also explain my mission in protecting kids and how parent's can not only learn but protect their children. That we are a big part of the solution to keeping children safe from child sexual abuse and harm. 

You can listen to the podcast on Spotify here or wherever you listen to your podcasts. 

Part 1- The toughest job in policing

Part 2 - The fight to keep our kids safe 

It is my mission to keep sharing what I know and talking about these issues, so please reach out if you hear of a podcast that you want me to approach or talk to. I am always looking for more people to share this mission and message with. 

Stay safe xx