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What is in or out in 2024 child protection child safety children cyberbullying inappropriate content online safety parenting parents safe adults teens

Thought I'd jump in with my own thoughts on what's 'IN & OUT' in parenting in 2024.

What we (society/parents) have done in the past when it comes to child safety isn't ALL bad, however, it's TIME TO CHANGE the future of child safety!!!

This requires us to be brave and boldly face the...

5 things you should discuss before your child gets a phone child protection cyberbullying online grooming online safety

A lot of parents haven't considered the potential implications that a phone or device can have on your child's safety and development before they are gifted or given one. 

Not because they don't care about those issues but more so because the things that may or may not effect a child's...

Supervision vs Oversight - what is the difference? cyberbullying online grooming online safety

Noun: Supervision - the act of supervising something or someone

Noun: Oversight - the action of overseeing something

When it comes to your child's online activities, it is highly recommended by both police, world wide law enforcement agencies, child protection agencies and online safety...

Why teens aren't scared of online predators... cyberbullying grooming online grooming online safety

Why our teens aren’t scared of online predators… 

After 10 years interviewing children as a police officer and specialist child interviewer and  almost 3 years talking and presenting to young people about online safety and abuse prevention, it is a common occurrence that...

A child is only as safe as the environment and people surrounding them.

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