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Should I be sharing photos of my kids online? adults child protection child safety kids online safety parent resources parenting

Parent Question - Hi there, my wife and I are looking for some guidance in relation to supporting our two young children from potential adverse consequences from sharing their photos online.

We are stuck as to what is appropriate when there is no general rules for whether it's safe to share their...

Top 5 Book Resources every parent needs body safety book resources books child abuse prevention child safety consent consent education healthy relationships kids parent resources parenting parents puberty sex ed sexual health

Books are the ultimate life hack when it comes to parenting.

However, there are so many good books out there that it gets a tad overwhelming to know which ones are actually helpful and useful for what purpose. 

Let me make your life a little easier by providing 5 books that will help...

What is in or out in 2024 child protection child safety children cyberbullying inappropriate content online safety parenting parents safe adults teens

Thought I'd jump in with my own thoughts on what's 'IN & OUT' in parenting in 2024.

What we (society/parents) have done in the past when it comes to child safety isn't ALL bad, however, it's TIME TO CHANGE the future of child safety!!!

This requires us to be brave and boldly face the...

What makes someone a safe adult? adults advice behaviours child abuse prevention child safety kids parenting parents safe adults safe behaviours teens

Have you ever contemplated this question before? You would be surprised at the number of people who haven't. 

It's probably because it's not something our parents openly discussed, it's not something we have grown up discussing and it's not something we have been asked to analyse...

Preventing grooming and abuse advice child abuse child abuse prevention child protection child safety children grooming parenting parents
Preventing and protecting your child from abuse is not as hard as it might seem? In fact it's actually quite simple.
In my experience, talking with kids about their abuse as a Specialist Child Interviewer in then Police gave me a unique perspective of how abusers gain access and...
Halloween Safety Tips for busy parents child safety parenting parents stranger danger teens tweens

Whether you believe in this very interesting tradition or not... it is very likely your children may be wanting to go 'trick or treating' tonight.

As a child of the 80's, we didn't have this tradition and as an ex-police officer and child abuse detective, it sets off all sorts of alarm bells in...

Why does our mental health matter when it comes to protecting your child from abuse? advice child abuse prevention child protection child safety mental health online safety parenting
It’s Mental Health week…
So why does our mental health matter when it comes to protecting our child from abuse?
LOTS! ⬆️⬆️⬆️
When we aren’t coping or we are in crisis, our kids are inadvertently exposed and at risk.
It’s imperative that as...
A note for myself about parenting advice parenting
I talk about parenting my daughter in my book, I talk about her on my podcast, I share little anecdotes and stories about my parenting journey when I talk one-on-one with people but the one thing I haven’t been sharing with you is how fucking hard I struggle day-to-day with parenting.
A child is only as safe as the environment and people surrounding them.

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