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Preventing grooming and abuse

Preventing and protecting your child from abuse is not as hard as it might seem? In fact it's actually quite simple.
In my experience, talking with kids about their abuse as a Specialist Child Interviewer in then Police gave me a unique perspective of how abusers gain access and compliance to children.
It was obvious to me that the children who had been taught Protective Behaviours were empowered to speak up sooner than those children who hadn't been taught these skills.
It  was also apparent to me that the children who didn't have this knowledge, generally endured longer periods of abuse than those who did.
Protective Behaviours is an abuse prevention skill. It isn't fool proof, but it does have a massive impact in the reduction of harm to children and the length of period that the abuse continues.
Here are three things you can do right now to make a difference in your children's lives:
1. As a parent, caregiver or child based business, educate yourself about Protective Behaviours and child sexual abuse awareness. Implement teaching Protective Behaviours to the children in your care.
2. Get comfortable with what grooming behaviours are and pay attention to the adults in your network and your children's lives.
3. ALWAYS listen to & BELIEVE children. Pay attention to what they are saying and not saying. Sometimes what they don't 'say' actually says more than what they actually do.
Please don't wait until something has happened to implement these strategies and to learn more.
It is the No.1 regret of every loving and caring parent I spoke to over 10 years, that they wish they had paid more attention and known about abuse prevention sooner.
If you are a parent, caregiver or child based business and would like to book in an abuse awareness session or protective behaviours education session, please get in touch via email at [email protected].
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